Friday, July 30, 2010

Join GAWD for a town hall & dinner

Are you an immigrant who has seen people denied access to medicine in your home country?

Do you think the US could do more to address health issues of people in poor countries?

Then join Philadelphia Global AIDS Watchdogs (GAWD), in collaboration with AFRICOM, for a


Come share your stories of accessing health care in your country. Learn about what the US has done to address global health crises, such as AIDS, TB, and malaria, and how the US could do more to provide treatment and medical care to millions around the world.

Thursday, September 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm
Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave

Dinner will be at 5:30, and the town hall will begin promptly at 6, with a presentation on the current state of US global health policies. This will be followed by an opportunity for participants to share their own stories of accessing healthcare in developing countries.

RSVPs encouraged, but not required. Dinner will be served, and tokens will be provided for those who need them. Recent immigrants are especially encouraged to attend.

More information or to RSVP - or 215-821-7231

Philly GAWD is an AIDS and global health activist group that is working to pressure the US government to fund global health programs, such as those addressing AIDS, TB and malaria. We do this through education, organizing and direct action, in Philadelphia and in concert with activists across the US.

The Coalition of African Communities - Philadelphia (AFRICOM) is an umbrella organization that brings together various African, American and Caribbean community organizations and individuals, who seek to improve the welfare of its community members.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fund Global AIDS: Photos from the action

Fund Global AIDS: Photos from the action: "View photos from the opening ceremony action by clicking on the photo below. More will be put up as time goes on. Got your own photos? Upl..."

AIDS Activist ‘Die-In' Delays International AIDS Conference Opening Ceremony


Embargoed until 18/07/10, 17:00 (Vienna, Austria)

AIDS Activist ‘Die-In Delays’ International AIDS Conference Opening Ceremony
Sets tone for conference highlighting intense anger over government inaction towards achieving universal access to HIV treatment
CONTACT: JENNIFER FLYNN, (917) 517-5202 or
Vienna, Austria: Hundreds of angry people living with HIV and AIDS activists marched through the Messe Wien conference center, the site of the 2010 International AIDS Conference, and then staged a mass “die-in”. The activists intended to delay the opening ceremony to illustrate how governments around the world are slowing and scaling back their commitments toward Universal Access to HIV care, treatment and prevention. Tombstones, held to remind conference attendees of the 15 million people who are in immediate need of treatment, read ‘Broken Promises Kill, No Retreat, Fund AIDS’. Recently, the U.S. and European governments have pulled back in their support for AIDS care, treatment and prevention and to the fact that governments in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe, have failed to live up to their commitment to fund AIDS treatment and other health needs as laid out in the Abuja Declaration.

The Global Fund (GFATM), the world’s response to the AIDS crisis, was forced to adopt 10% budget cuts to the first 2 years of funding, and 25% cuts to for the last 3 years. Michael, Gwaba from the Zambia Community Initiative for Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS & Malaria (CITAM+) and the Here I Am Campaign, said, “There remains a huge funding gap for Round 10, opened in May 2010, which will result in countries scaling back programs and resisting investment in activities with recurrent costs, such as hiring desperately needed health workers or enrolling new patients in treatment.”

In 2010, the U.S. Congress paid $1.05 billion to the GFATM – $1.7 billion less than the U.S. fair share. For 2011, President Obama proposed to cut funding to only $1 billion, even though at least $2 billion is needed from the US to begin to close the GFATM’s funding gap.

The demonstration was kicked off with a massive banner drop at the site of the conference. In addition, 4 giant helium filled balloons flew in front of the conference center with the faces of world leaders and demanding full funding to fight global AIDS.

“There are many important discussions that will take place during the International AIDS Conference. However, in order for any of those discussions to have any relevance, ALL conferees must first address the growing crisis in funding for AIDS care and prevention.”, said, Mabel Takana, an AIDS activist with Health GAP from Cameroon.

"The African Union countries have failed to live up to their Abuja commitments on health, and our finance ministers recently suggested that these spending targets should be dismissed altogether. Already, access to HIV treatment is being cut back. Waiting lists are growing. Despite their repeated rhetorical recognition that investment in health is critical for socio-economic development, governments around the world are retreating from their commitments particularly with regards to universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care."said Paula Akugizibwe from ARASA.

According to Gregory Vergus, Director, “ITPC RU is now receiving daily reports on increasing ARV stock outs across the Russian Federation. The government is refusing to act and is instead threatening limits on continued ARV access.”

"International funding for AIDS helps pay for critical support services like housing and food without which people with AIDS--nor any of us--could survive. World governments should be ashamed of breaking their promises to people with AIDS.", said Charles King, President and CEO, Housing Works.

The activists will continue their actions throughout the duration of the conference.

The action was endorsed by over 200 AIDS organizations from around the world a full list of which is available at
Kaytee Riek
Director of Organizing
Health GAP
Mobile: +1-267-334-6984
Office: +1-215-397-4326

*Check out our new campaign -!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

AIDS is still a crisis from Detroit to Dakar


Contact: Jennifer Flynn, Health GAP, +1 917 517 5202

Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 USSF Forum

COBO Hall, Plenary Session 9pm

Friday, June 25 COBO Hall, Joe Lewis Statute 1pm

Friday, June 25 Leftist Lounge 9:30 pm


AIDS is still a crisis from Detroit to Dakar

Detroit MI. People living with HIV/AIDS, Health GAP, ACT-UP Philadelphia, Philadelphia Global AIDS Watch Dogs (G A W D), NYC AIDS Housing Network/VOCAL, Gender JUST, C2EA, Youth United For Change and other supporters held two DIE-IN , And a CONDOM CONGA LINE at the 2010 United States Social Forum (USSF).

There are currently 33 million people living with HIV around the world, of that number about 13 million need immediate access to lifesaving AIDS medications in order to survive. Yet, less than 4 million people around the world have access to AIDS treatment. Recent studies have shown that access to HIV treatment is 93% effective in preventing the spread of HIV. However, the United States and other wealthy countries have dramatically reduced their commitments to providing funding for universal access to treatment-despite global promises. On the weekend before the G20 in Canada.

The global AIDS movement was born out of the civil rights movement of the late 1960's, the DE-institutionalization movement and gay liberation movement of the 1970's and the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980's. With the very direct root causes of AIDS-poverty, racism and homophobia- driving the epidemic, AIDS activists easily work across issue areas to survive. However, the USSF has illustrated how marginalized AIDS organizing remains even among the most progressive groups in the country. At the World Social Forum in Dakar in February of 2011, African activists will highlight how the AIDS crisis has ravaged their communities. It is necessary for those of us in the United States to get involved in the fight against global AIDS.

AIDS needs to be addressed by all of us at this conference. It is not the sole responsibility of people living with AIDS to carry the burden of this fight for survival. We all must join the struggle.” said, Charles Long of the NYC AIDS Housing Network/VOCAL.

The AIDS Activist People's Movement Assembly is holding a die-in at the global economy plenary to increase visibility to this cross cutting issue. “If you are working on immigrant rights, you are fighting for people living with AIDS who come to the United States seeking treatment. If you are working on housing rights, you are fighting for people with AIDS who die needlessly on the streets and in substandard shelters. If you are working on fighting global corporate power, you are fighting along side people living with AIDS who face powerful corporations who would rather see millions of people die, then relinquish a small portion of their enormous profits.”, said Yetta Smith, a member of ACT UP Philadelphia and a graduate of Health Gap's IMPACT project.

The AIDS activists are asking USSF participants to join them for a condom conga line at the Leftist Lounge on Friday night to show support for the AIDS movement and to sign a petition calling for full funding for the global AIDS fight to President Obama.

For more information, go to