About GAWD

Philadelphia Global AIDS Watchdogs is a group of recent immigrants, people with HIV, and allies in Philly. We were founded in March 2010 to organize people directly affected by the global AIDS crisis to pressure our politicians to support evidence-based global health programs. We believe that the US government has a responsibility to contribute towards ending AIDS, TB, malaria and other global health issues. This means that more money needs to go to addressing some of the leading killers of people around the world.

We educate people in Philadelphia about the responsibility of our leaders to keep their promises to fund global health programs. We organize people directly affected by the policies, like recent immigrants who have friends and family back home, to remind our elected leaders of their promises to fund global AIDS programs. And we rally to show our leaders that there is strong support for them to keep their promises.

The US government promised to achieve universal access to AIDS treatment, prevention, and care by THIS YEAR. But, 10 million people STILL don't have access to medication. 2.7 million people are STILL becoming infected with HIV. There are STILL not enough doctors and nurses to care for people. All of these cost money, and the US government is STILL not keeping the promise it made in 2008 to provide $48 billion over five years for global AIDS, TB and malaria. Philly GAWD, with our allies across the country, is working to change that.